In the current highly competitive business environment, the manufacturing industry is facing constant challenges of producing innovative products at shortened time-to-market. The need for efficiency in the manufacturing industry has never been greater and successful companies need to ensure that the costs associated with time, equipment and other investments are being considered and optimized. As products become more versatile, intricate and inherently complicated, product development processes requires real-time information exchanges between the various nodes in a product development life cycle, e.g., design, setup planning, production scheduling, machining, assembly, etc., as well as seamless collaboration among these nodes. Manufacturing megatrends such as globalization, product customization and personalization driving the decisions regarding manufacturing development, optimization, or reorganization, traditional methods are proven to be risky, often costly and capital-intensive. With impressive ability to analyse, test and implement processes rapidly to gain insights without disturbing the actual system, the value of simulation methods are evident and it can yield enormous benefits.

Simulation is a powerful technique that enables manufacturing organizations to increase throughput, identify process bottlenecks and inefficiencies within the production line. In turn, help devise methods to accelerate profit and evaluate potential process changes – ‘all without increasing overheads’. Simulation modeling and analysis is the economical decision tool that allows you to understand and visualize the effects of change and the resulting costs prior to implementation.

DEP’s Manufacturing Simulation enables companies to create well-structured, hierarchical models of production facilities, lines and processes. Our unique simulation techniques and vast experience in various simulation projects has yielded great results for the clients in wide array of industries including automotive, healthcare, retail, manufacturing etc.

DEP Value Addition:

  • A powerful combination of engineering and technology helps make confident and informed decisions
  • Maximizing return on investment with evaluation report from planning to implementation stage
  • Data-driven strategies to monitor, simulate, and evaluate production strategies to improve performance
  • Improve resource utilization and shorten go-to-market timelines for positive revenue results

DEP can assist you in the following areas of Simulation:

  • Production planning optimization
  • Facility design and balancing of assembly line
  • Bottleneck and process improvement analysis
  • Ergonomics related constraints analysis

Customer Benefits:

Supported by the ease of use and modeling flexibility from technology tools perspective, DEP is a valued partner for all simulation projects. Customers are proven to benefit from:

  • Upfront virtual validation reducing the need for physical prototypes
  • Minimized risk by simulating ample manufacturing scenarios
  • Optimized production time with the help of simulation
  • Enhanced financial benefits from early deduction of design issues