Computer-aided engineering (CAE) is one of the most powerful tools of the recent era, utilized in design & development phase of any product to provide efficient, cost-effective results. While designing the components for any structure or product, it should be ensured that it withstand the random conditions in the tests for the better life cycle of the product. Design engineers are performing numerical studies for the same, while skipping traditional early prototype phases of a project, saving a significant amount of effort, money, and time using simulation software. CAE methods are applied starting from the concept definition stage itself, for majority of design verification and optimization in the product development process. CAE helps the design to be refined and optimized by defining the performance of a design, calculate the safety margin, and accurately identify weaknesses in the design.

CAE analysis investigate and predict mechanical, thermal, electrical, fatigue stresses, as well as characteristics related to fluid flow, heat transfer, and noise/vibration/harshness. To ensure reliability and increase the accuracy in the numerical studies from different perspectives which are major role players in any product development decision, verification and validation assessments are proposed.

Verification fundamentally works on the principle of finding programming errors and examining mathematical calculations in order to find the reliable solution for an analysis. The validation assessment examines the relationship between the CFD or FEA results and the experimental data. Based on the comparison report it investigates the numerical model uncertainties. The verification of FE simulations serves for knowledge building and ensure a high level of confidence on numerical simulation results.

DEP offers customized and optimized CAE verification and validation programs utilizing leading simulation tools like MeshWorks, and with the support of best-in-class design and engineering expert team.

DEP Value Addition:

  • State-of-art CAE platform and methodologies for Product Development
  • High performance guaranteed resources for full system development from concept definition to system validation
  • Extensive and experienced Engineering team for support
  • CAE process development and simulation systems management consulting

DEP CAE Verification and Validation tools & Services:

  • Linear & Non-Linear Analysis
  • Acoustics & Vibration Analysis
  • Crash Related Simulation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for analysis of heat transfer, pressure loss, flow etc.,
  • Multi-body Dynamics for analysis of dynamic behaviour
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for stress / strain calculations
  • Fatigue analysis for structural and component durability

Customer Benefits:

With the core on engineering proficiency and decades of working experience, DEP executed broad range of CAE support projects from concept development to production. Our customers value DEP’s:

  • Robust software tool competences for accurate and reliable results
  • Extensive potential in saving time and cost
  • Proven methods for high speed solutions
  • Enhanced simulation driven development process