The present manufacturing industry is more and more characterized by serious pressures to shorten product development cycles, to broaden the spectrum of product objective, and to develop and produce the product more efficiently. With the demands rising, engineers are working on complex products, integrating more functions and features. As a natural consequence of modern society’s manufacturing process, transportation and communication activities, sound and vibration affect environment and all of us. They affect the safety of our vehicles, the construction of our buildings, and the level of noise at home and work. Our escalating demands for safety and physical well-being mirror our increased awareness of the effects of noise and vibration. Agreeable acoustics is a primary differentiator of a product from its competitors. While legislation and regulation tightens, manufacturers are confronted with a renewed need to address acoustics and vibrations challenges. The NVH analysis and acoustic engineering solutions enable manufacturers to design products with required NVH level standards that are acceptable in the industry. The pressure on noise vibration harshness (NVH) engineering is constantly increasing, with NVH analysis and acoustic design becoming an integral part of new product development.

NVH optimization for a full vehicle is a major trade-off criteria compared to cost, emission and durability. With the latest NVH development tools, methodologies, and engineering capabilities, the DEP expert team is well prepared to support our customers in solving their NVH related product development challenges. We aim to provide:

  • Increased comfort and quietness in a product
  • Necessary competitive edge for product
  • Performance enhancement that might be affected due to structural NVH
  • Extended Durability and optimized products

DEP’s NVH team can provide the necessary support to quantify NVH by – reducing it at the source, isolating it from the product’s structure and controlling it to the permissible level. When it comes for automotive vehicles our engineers can design structures to absorb as much noise and vibration as possible before it enters the cabin with availability of an extensive range of special and industry leading tools and techniques. Using a combined approach of simulation and measurement, we develop custom tailored solutions for our customers.

Domain Expertise

Some of the important fields of NVH that DEP supports under acoustic engineering arena are:

  • Full vehicle NVH Analysis Capabilities:
    • Trimmed Body Analysis
      • Glazed BIW, Trimmed BIW Model building
      • Modal/FRF Analysis to identify modes
      • Free Stiffness Analysis
      • Static Stiffness Analysis
      • Attachment Point Dynamic Stiffness Analysis
      • Body Panel Point Mobility Analysis
      • Virtual Transfer Analysis
      • Noise Transfer Analysis
    • Full Vehicle Analysis
      • Full Vehicle Model building
      • Powertrain Modal Model building
      • Full Vehicle Modal Analysis
      • Powertrain AVL Excite MBD analysis (Idle/WOT) up to driveline for Vehicle NVH
    • Powertrain Induced Noise
      • Idle Shake/Boom
      • Driveline Imbalance
      • Powertrain Noise
    • Road Induced Noise
      • Road Shake
      • Road Noise
    • Tire Induced Noise
      • Tire Wheel Imbalance
      • Tire Force Variation
  • Root Cause/Remediation Analysis Methods:
    • Panel Contribution Analysis
    • Grid Point Contribution Analysis
    • Modal Contribution Analysis
    • ERP (Equivalent Radiated Power) Analysis
    • Optimisation (SOL200) analysis
    • Operating Deflection Shape (SOL108) Analysis
    • Transfer Path Analysis (TPA)
  • System Level Analysis:
    • Steering System
    • Exhaust System (Hanger Location/Hanger Modal performance)
    • Closures
    • Seat
    • Radiator
    • Suspension Links
    • Cradle
    • HVAC
    • Suspension
    • Frame
    • Road Wheel
  • High Frequency Analysis:
    • Transmission Loss Analysis for Mufflers, Windshields, Firewalls etc.
  • Morphing Techniques and parameterization

We provide exceptional CAE Services and our commitment to provide industry leading NVH Analysis to the global clientele has continued to strengthen our reputation making us the chosen partner for engineering service in the market. We promise you the advantage of: