Mobility industry is seeing phenomenal & revolutionary changes in the last few decades due to varied consumer preferences, regulations, and technology. Being a low-cost alternative for road and air travel, Rail transport is a key role-player in the movement of communities, transporting citizens and goods in comfort and safety while minimizing environmental impact. Other than the national commute system that runs in a long haul mode, we have urban rail transit, rapid transit, and light rail systems that are isolated and are major part of transportation in airports, mines, mountains, and tourist attractions. Adding to the fleet, Freight segment of rail industry is gathering importance too, since high speed connections will be significant for fast paced logistics passageways. The principle drivers of modern-world mobility being, digitalization, safety and security, and standardization and efficiency, Rail industry manufacturers are increasing their focus towards lightweight construction, comfort and safety requirements. Achieving competitive advantage with cost reduction and accelerated time-to-market, is critical and it acts as a reliable service partners’ measurement scale.

DEP with decades of experience in Mobility sector, committed to develop innovative solutions for railway transportation. Our range of services focuses on the needs of our customers and includes simulation enabled Design and Development, Electrical & Electronics system support, Manufacturing solutions, and other technology enabled services for locomotive and rolling stock manufacturers across globe. We support manufacturers of train, tram, metro, subway, light rail or monorail systems, with comprehensive, integrated design, simulation and manufacturing support for developing rail systems. DEP has a strong team of mechanical and software engineers, providing product development support and can benefit customers with shorter development time, costs reduction using virtual product development, analysis and solutions in areas of acoustics, aero- and thermo-dynamics and material usage minimization.

Our solutions enable you to make smart design decisions and are tailored to enhance operational efficiencies, increase reliability, and improve safety across rail infrastructure and operations. DEP’s engineering support for Rail Manufacturers includes:

  • Design Services
    • Mechanical systems
    • Electrical and Control Systems
    • Interiors & Furniture
    • Industrial Design & Styling
    • Prototyping & Design Reviews
  • Engineering Services:
    • Fabrication & tooling Solutions
    • Fixtures
    • Embedded System Engineering
    • Manufacturing Engineering
    • Product Development Support
    • Verification & Validation Support
    • Software Engineering & integrated Model Based System Engineering
    • Battery Modeling
  • Simulation Services
    • Design Optimization
    • Noise and Vibration (NVH)
    • Acoustics
    • Durability and fatigue
    • Ride and handling
    • Derailment safety clearance
    • Track loads prediction
    • Traction
    • Structural analysis
    • Thermal Performance
    • Mechatronics
    • Vehicle Dynamics
    • Multidiscipline Analysis
    • Nonlinear Analysis
    • Simulation of cargo tie-down effectiveness

We have vast experience in passenger and freight type of railway systems product development. Our project experience and capabilities span the full range of rail assets, including the below core areas of Rolling Stock:

Compartment Structures – Body & Exteriors Compartment Structures – Interiors & Furniture Locomotive Bogie & Container Wagon Systems
Cab Partition Ceiling Suspension Systems
Frame Structures Luggage Racks Chassis
Intermediate Ends Sidewalls Power transmission systems
Roof Structures Seats Wheel-rail interface
Doors Grab Poles Mechatronics
Partition walls Composites modeling & failure analysis
Cab Interiors Energy absorber system design
Toilet System Brake System