Today, global power generation is occurring via an array of diverse technologies, including heated fluids (chemical, combustion and nuclear fission), kinetic energy (wind, wave and hydro), direct conversion of chemical energy (fuel cells) and light energy (photovoltaic). As the usage of traditional and new resources as raw materials, increased in the power generation industry, there is a need for technology advancements to reduce overall costs while meeting ever increasing demand. Energy sector is looking for innovative solutions to balance demand, cost and environmental priorities. With the present turbulence period and myriad rapid and deeply impacting changes throughout the world, power generation and utility companies are turning towards new paradigms for operating this restructuring industry. And a key challenge to be addressed here is, power generating equipment must be designed for both immediate cost-efficiency and a long lifespan. Applying engineering simulation is essential for companies to develop new renewable energy equipment and to improve the reliability and performance of existing systems.

Innovative engineering is a critical step in manufacturing that solves a range of engineering challenges, economically accelerates the development process and renewable technologies rapidly reaches the market, minimizing the time, money and other resources invested in physical prototypes and testing. Through simulation and analysis companies can design the ideal configuration of a turbine blade, store nuclear fuel safe and secure, pick the best alloys for a gas/steam combined cycle plant, generate electricity from wave power cost-effectively, etc. DEP’s expert team can support power sector with mechanical and electrical engineering services. Our simulation solutions help manufacture energy products more efficiently and develop systems that are flexible to adapt as requirements change. The multi-disciplinary engineering team at DEP have robust knowledge about the complex requirements for energy efficiency, integrated to renewable energies and safety. Our engineering team can provide you with a complete and reliable solution for optimized processes.

DEP’s innovative technology support for Power & Utility sector can mitigate the potential risks that are associated with cost effective and reliable power generation. Listed below are our engineering design services which resulted in significant benefits for customers:

  • Design Services:
    • CAD Support Solutions – Detailed engineering design, Structural design and validation, CAD Customization, etc.
    • Mechanism and structural design
    • Parametric Part modelling and CAD customization
    • Component Design
    • Concept Generation
  • Engineering Services:
    • Power Engineering
      • Verification and Validation
      • Value Analysis
      • Manufacturing support
    • Transmission Engineering
      • Power electronics design and development
      • Verification and Validation
    • Utility Engineering
    • Plant Engineering
    • Kinematics Studies
    • Prototyping
  • Simulation Services:
    • CFD, Thermal and Flow simulation
    • Electromagnetic & Electrostatic simulations
    • Static & Modal Analysis
    • Optimization Study
    • Multi-body dynamics
    • Failure Analysis
    • Stress Analysis
    • Simulation of energy storage

DEP specializes in the below fields of power & utility sector:

Common Power Systems Coal Power Equipment Gas, Nuclear and alternative sources Renewable Sources
Generators Boilers Compressors Hub
Turbines Burners Fuel assemblies Blade
Cooling Systems Heat Exchangers Gear boxes Rear end support structure
Pollution control devices Slew drives
Transmission systems