DEP has a very strong engineering team to address & service complex engineering projects of the most dynamic industry in the world viz Oil & Gas. DEP has the experience of working with some of the large corporations specialized in pipeline engineering as well as equipment manufacturing in the Oil & Gas sector.

The DEP team comprises of engineering experts directly from the oil field, design & development experts as well as experienced analysts. As the team has the experience of participating right from the conceptual design & feasibility level, they are well versed with the standards, processes, guidelines & procedures relevant to the industry. They also have participated on the project audits at regular intervals. The knowledge acquired through continuous exposure coupled with the traditional engineering habit at DEP have resulted in a dedicated oil & gas engineering service & business unit with the following major offerings :

  • Riser hanger flange & clamp analysis
  • Subsea pipeline stability analysis
  • Pipeline end expansion analysis
  • Flexible pipelay analysis
  • Pipeline lateral buckling study
  • Pipeline steady state analysis
  • HDD design & Pipe jacking
  • Pipe soil interaction study
  • Noise, Vibration & harshness studies
  • Durability modeling& analysis
  • Thermal modeling& analysis
  • Component modeling& analysis
  • Computational Fluid dynamics
  • Equipment optimization
Pre processing
Post processing


DEP can successfully carry out analysis for drill bits, optimizing drill bit designs for structure, durability, grinding performance and fluid flow.

  • Design of drill bit – CAD morphing from legacy data to evaluate different insert (length, width, height, and pitch), lug, and shirttail configurations

  • Stress, wear, durability, and CFD analysis

  • Parametric CAE modeling to rapidly evaluate different configurations to performance criteria

  • Robust DOE

  • Prototype part development

  • Reverse engineering of competitive products

Remeshing and re-assembly


Impact analysis on riser guard platform to protect the gas pipeline

DEP performed the analysis for a major EPC contractor for a global Oil corporation. The results of the riser guard with & without fillet resulted in faster commissioning of the system. The results & practices generated by DEP are still used as the standard practice at the customer end.
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Hex meshing