As a major indicator of any country’s economy, manufacturers of Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment (IM&E) entails a rapid surge for modernization, to drive top-line growth in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Heavy industry seeks engineering solutions that are agile, effective, and customized, to meet competition as well as reduce lead time. Being the largest segment of the global industrial sector, industrial equipment manufacturers are driven towards intelligent manufacturing & production planning to design, safer and more reliable machinery. Rising demand to continuously develop and enhance the product without compromising standards, necessitates innovative product engineering support from solution providers. Product development cycle time being the biggest challenge, the other closely associated objectives to be considered includes cost reduction, risk management, productivity maximization, quick decision-making, adaption of new technology, process automation, etc.

Being a trusted partner for complete product engineering solutions and support services, DEP has contributed to several reputable projects of Production and Industrial Machinery Manufacturing companies. They are widespread across numerous Construction Equipment, Mining Equipment, Agricultural & Forestry Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Commercial Equipment and Specialized Equipment machinery categories. Our proficient team of product engineering personnel are specialized in Engineering Design, Product Design & Development, Engineering Analysis, Re-engineering and Automation Services. More than two decades of technology expertise helps us deliver custom tailored solutions that keep manufacturing operations in line with business objectives.

Our robust and reliable solutions for these equipment that is designed for extreme environments are:

  • Design Services
    • CAD Support Solutions – Development of structural design from concepts, Fabrication Engineering, Manufacturing engineering support, etc.
    • Layout and sketches for machinery
  • Engineering Services
    • System-level validation and optimization of heavy vehicle design
    • Structural recommendations for weight reduction and optimization
    • Safety and standards analyses
  • Simulation Services
    • Structures & Exteriors – Weldment designs, Styling, Component analysis, etc.
    • Cab Structures – Ergonomic study, Design of deck, Seating, etc.
    • Power Trains – Concept design, System & Sub-system analysis, Hydraulics, etc.
    • Vehicle Engineering – NVH, Durability, CFD, Optimization, etc.

We design adept strategies and comprehensive solutions for heavy industry domains including:

Construction Equipment Agriculture & Forestry Equipment Bulk Materials Handling Equipment Production Machinery Industrial Products
Dump Trucks Planting Equipment Lifting Equipment Packaging/Processing Air Filtration Units
Excavators Tractors Conveyor System Textile Machinery Wet Scrubbers/ Electrostatic Precipitator
Loaders Harvesters Cranes Various Metal Forming/Metal Cutting Machines Pressure Vessel & Storage Tanks
Mixers Loggers Work Platforms High Speed Machinery Pump & Compressor
Motor Graders Cultivators Hopper, Chute & Silos Industrial Automation Industrial HVAC equipment
Pavers Thrashers Shelving and Storages
Concrete Pumps Balers