Being the industry led by significant achievements that are innovative coupled with complexity, Aerospace engineering rely on major stakeholders quality, accuracy and reliability. Expanding expectations on light weighting and faster time-to-market, prerequisites product engineering expertise from solution providers. Aviation industry with its enormous budgetary concerns, probe for the better collaboration in their product development process that ultimately benefit them in both financial and operational terms. Leveraging technology to understand the demand and challenges facilitates, highly efficient product development process with adept methodologies for safety and security standards. Implementing advanced manufacturing technologies also drives the vital wheels of cost effectiveness and quality productivity to run ahead of competition. With the trigger to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology trends, aviation companies discovered the unlimited potential of engineering simulation in design and development phase of aero components. Simulation and modeling tools as key contributors to optimize manufacturing processes, aerospace companies are strengthening their modernization efforts.

DEP’s smart engineering expertise and breakthrough procedures can help define the winning strategies in the manufacturing process. With highly trained focus groups on emerging and niche technologies and their evolution in the aerospace industry we guarantee to open the runway for better business growth. We are perfectly equipped to offer services under various system and sub-system level development for aviation products. We collaborated in numerous projects that spans across commercial, business, military, multi-purpose aircrafts in addition to UAVs. Our product development accelerator tools are proven to aid the Aerospace & Defense organization from concept stage through manufacturing.

Our domain knowledge combined with industry leading solutions helped companies overcome production challenges and gain a competitive edge. We provide comprehensive technology solutions and services to the aerospace industry including:

  • Design Services
    • CAD Support Solutions – Detailed engineering design, Structural design and validation, CAD Customization, etc.
    • Aircraft components and assembly
    • Fabrications and Design Reviews
    • Jigs & Fixture design
  • Engineering Services
    • Weight reduction and optimization
    • Manufacturing Engineering
    • Modeling Support
    • Mechanical Systems
  • Simulation Services
    • Structural Simulations
    • Sheet metal forming simulation
    • CFD, Thermal and Flow simulation
    • Aerodynamic Design and Analysis
    • Acoustics & Vibration Analysis

Our optimized solutions support the below segments of aviation industry:

Avionics System Airframe Structures Aero Engines Aircraft Cabin & Interiors Technical Documentation
Landing Gear Systems Engine mounts & Frames Discs Concept, styling and renderings Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals ( IETM)
Slat Flap Controller Door Structures Casings Partitions & Closets Technical Publications
Model-Based Design Engineering Fuselage Shafts Electrical Schematics and Harness Routing Structure repair & troubleshooting manuals
System Engineering Flaps & Wing Bearing supports Stress analysis and certification reports Aircraft Maintenance Manuals
Tail cone Tubing Design and Routing