MeshWorks Manufacturing Solutions: Plastics Meshing, Concept Modelling, Auto Parametrization and Design Enablers



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Time Zones:

USA: 2:00 PM EDT

Duration: 45 minutes, followed by live Q&A

Who Should Attend?

Engineering and designing team working with plastic parts in automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and bio medical devices are always on the look out for optimized CAE solutions. Expert tools are required to bolster engineering readiness, which enhances product development and performance. Engineers who face below situations can join this session and benefit.

  • Do you find mid-plane meshing on plastic components time consuming and tedious?
  • Push of button plastic meshing?
  • Are you waiting for the full cad to do your analysis?
  • Do you find the design modification on plastic components time consuming?
  • Are you struggling to design for warpage correction?
  • Are you spending time on die face correction?
  • Ensuring the final design is optimized?
People who joins the session are:
  • FEA/CAE/CFD Modelers, Engineers and Analysts
  • Engineering Management & Advance Engineering
  • Product Platform Managers
  • Conceptual Development Team

About the Webinar

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Mid plane meshing for plastics: Demonstration of unique meshing methods for complex plastic parts involving ribs and specialized features such as heat stakes, dog houses, bosses, etc. Auto quality correction, thickness assignment etc.

  • Performance enablers and quick design changes: Showcasing rib structure modifications (add/subtract/modify rib or rib pattern/height/thickness) in highly automated way directly in the CAE mesh.

  • Auto Parametrization: Overview of MeshWorks capabilities as a parameterization engine to individually or simultaneously address parameters such as shape, gage, material, unique design features, etc.

  • Automatic die face correction for warpage: Demo on CAD Morphing technology in MeshWorks that can automatically update the tooling CAD to compensate for part warpage as predicted by Moldflow simulation.

  • Conceptworks-Plastics: Live examples on creating all the B-side features with just the A-surface as the inputs. Ease of creating plastic concept designs using Meshworks.

How does MeshWorks 2020 differ from the current tools available?

  Other tools DEP MeshWorks
Mid plane meshing for plastics Time taken = “1X” Manual effort = more Time taken = “.5 X” Manual effort= less
Thickness assignment Limited Excellent
Feature insertion in plastic parts Mesh addition / Rib addition None Excellent
Auto parameterization for plastic part features None Excellent
Address manufacturing feasibility None Excellent

About MeshWorks2021

MeshWorks is a powerful CAE meshing engine that allows users to create complex plastic design mesh rapidly from complex CAD data. Highly automated meshing functions available allow users to create exceptional quality meshes with minimal user intervention in the shortest time possible, with minimal to virtually no CAD clean-up. Template based meshing allows users to set-up templates for feature recognition, mesh size requirements and quality criteria. Highly automated mesh quality improvement functions, robotically correct meshes to meet user specified quality templates and constraint criteria.

Set of automated and powerful interactive meshing functions allow users to create mid-plane meshes of complex plastic and casting parts with ribs and other intersecting features. Variable thicknesses as driven by the CAD geometry are automatically assigned to the mesh.

Conceptworks-Plastics module is the leader for early phase interiors/plastics conceptual design. It allows creating and modifying B-side features of plastic trims fast and efficiently. This module helps to accelerate the product development process with just the A-surface as the input.

This webinar focuses on plastics meshing, assembly tools, concept design modules and manufacturing solutions.

The webinar will involve live demonstrations on the software and your queries will be answered live via chat, or in the Q&A session that will follow the webinar

The event is free, but registration is mandatory.