Microtrailer – A value added product for LCV Segment


Microtrailer is a product developed by DEP as a value added customizable product aimed at LCV segment. It is a detachable platform with fifth wheel assembly, enabling LCV owners to tow applications of weight greater than payload. This feature is currently not available in the LCV platform, it is only available in big trucks and container carriers.

Microtrailer with fifth wheel assembly is envisioned to facilitate tow more cargo than payload of LCV and thus enhance earnings for owner of LCV. LCV owners could make use of detachable Microtrailer to tow different cargo types ranging from mobile advertisement to ATMs, mobile offices, last mile delivery, dispensary, showroom, eateries besides bulk cargo.


The goal of this product was mainly to increase the overall load carrying capacity of an existing prime mover, and with DEPs innovation the increase in load carrying capacity can be from 1tonne up to 2.5 tonnes.

Product design and innovation team at DEP after talking to many LCV owners found out that detachable customizable Microtrailer platform would be great value for investment to owner of LCV and started designing the platform.


The key differentiator of the Micro trailer is the fact that unlike most trailers, where the cabin and load carrying zone are one unit, in the Micro trailer, the units are detachable. The Micro trailer is purely a base platform, which can be highly customized for any specific application. It can be used in a variety of applications- from mobile office, mobile dispensary, outdoor display unit, mobile lavatories, vegetable shops or exhibition stalls. It can prove of great use especially in remote areas. It can be combined with a detachable unit like a trailer, and if needed, a single cabin unit can be used to ferry multiple trailer units to and fro.


DEP engineers used state of the art design tools besides its in house developed MeshWorks to virtually validate and optimize the product performance of Microtrailer with fifth wheel assembly in record time. The drawings were released to build prototype. The prototypes were built and tested as per DVP that design team at DEP came up with in various weather, terrain and cargo conditions. Microtrailer was designed was robust and met the criteria listed out as per DVP.

Crash and Impact Analysis


This feature can result in significant cost savings if the use requires multiple units like for an exhibition. It comes in multiple size options, and in addition can be customized as per a customer’s requirement as well, taking into account the overall length and load specifications, and meeting all regulatory obligations. Through a 50-50 joint venture, ARK Industries in India is the licensed manufacturer and distributor of the Micro trailer.

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