Electric Two wheeler designed and developed by DEP


The electric two-wheeler set-up appears a lot more promising, in the form of research, financial acquisitions & investments, that makes the electric vehicle segment thrilling. Electric two-wheelers, by its swiftness and dexterity, easy operatability and easy maintainability, affordability and low pollution, are most welcome among city dwellers, short distance commuters and frequent road drivers and users of special needs. Besides personal use, electric two-wheelers also increasingly find their place in public service, such as urban sanitation and domestic and short distance patrolling, in delivery service, etc.


The EV/HEV initiatives are facing lots of design challenges because of increasing dependency on electrical components and overall complexity, coupled with short design cycles. The challenge with simulations are the accuracy of the results. This is further complicated by the uncertainty of electric vehicle and battery degradation profile. The objective of DEP’s research program is to extend model-based design with the integration of component degradation modes and rates.



Based on the requirements brief, DEP’s product engineering team set out to develop an e-Motor Design and Development, e-Scooter Product Development and offers a wide range of simulation solutions for complex EV/HEV powertrain design that has significant impact on performance & efficiency. Refining the electric motor operation map, battery charge/discharge maps and vehicle dynamics model determines the Complete Plant Modeling. DEP’s traction motor simulation is a perfect solution for today’s automotive engineers whose optimization needs include efficiency, size & cost along with NVH, Reliability & Durability. Building hardware is a great art that requires time and lot of procedures & guidelines. But evaluating the machine model by connecting them to circuit model is the new extraordinary experience that DEP can provide.


DEP e-Scooter Features


Electrification is the most viable way to achieve clean and efficient transportation that is crucial to the sustainable development of the whole world. With its advanced features and fully customizable development, DEP’s electric 2 wheeler prototype is ready to hit the roads, and will be exhibited in leading shows in 2020.