With mounting use of autonomous machinery in our day-to-day lives, the influence of drone technology across verticals is extraordinary. Especially in the defense and commercial sector, with the swelling need from protocol implications and the technical ease of use, UAV is turning out to be a game-changer. Drones are being progressively employed to execute jobs of intelligence, surveillance as well as reconnaissance, and there is increasing number of consumer market endeavours including entertainment, agriculture, etc. A diversified team of engineers from software, robotics, AI and design departments of DEP are working closely to ensure that the drones are operative at ever-more-complex circumstances for a given set of use cases. We at DEP are continuously evolving the procedures for better productivity, cost efficiency and flexibility, along with functionality.

DEP’s advanced engineering solutions & services capability makes us a prominent player in unmanned aerial vehicle design, development and manufacturing. We design Rotor Drones (Quadcopter) and Fixed Wing Drones. Our range of drone products include:

  • Surveillance Drones: Drones are fitted with High resolution camera which can fly in both day and night conditions. It transmits uninterrupted high resolution ‘live’ video feed and generates GPS coordinates of the locations.

  • High Altitude Drones: Long range drones which will fly in hilly terrain.

  • High Endurance Drones: Drones that can be developed with varied endurance and can go up to an endurance parameter of 5 hrs.

The cutting-edge technology services in the area of drone design, that DEP can support any drone manufacturer with, are in the following areas:-

  • System Design:
    • Complete Drone development including electronics, mechanical, etc.
    • Connectivity and Camera integrations.
    • Location based services, video streaming, etc.
    • Board bring-up and BSP.
  • Customer engineering:
    • Form-factor, customer L1/L2 support and customer use-cases development.
    • Integrating various third party cloud services, algorithms, etc.
    • End-end system enablement.

We can offer a complete enterprise drone solutions starting from Operating System, Aerial Information Platform (“AIP”), hardware, software and cloud services that enable customers to tailor drones to any commercial application and seamlessly connect aircrafts, sensors, payloads, and application-specific software.

With new interests popping up on UAV every day globally, and the autonomous era getting unveiled, DEP’s work on drone solutions using unique strategies is successfully addressing the substantial engineering challenges for the present and future.