Post processing

MeshWorks is a multi-disciplinary post-processor for viewing and publishing the results of analysis. It allows for loading and viewing the result files obtained from various solvers.

A rich set of post processing features such as animations, contouring, cut section results, iso plotting of results, querying of results values node-by-node or element-by-element etc. are all supported.

Interactive post-processing features in MW8 allow users to have rich insight into the results and hence the behavior of mechanical systems under operational loads.

Several automated post-processing utilities are available for robotic extraction of ‘hot-spot’ results such as peak stress values, max vibration amplitudes etc.

Multi-window post processing of results allows users to easily compare the results of several load cases or several design iterations side by side.

Multi-page post processing of results allows users to organize different types of output responses into different pages for easy viewing and navigation.


  • Contour: Allows to create contour plots of a model and visualize the analysis results.
  • ISO: Allows to display iso(or same value) results of the model.
  • Animation: Transient, Linear and Modal animation options are supported.
  • Model Info: Annotations display the model details and users can include notes for additional information as and when needed.
  • Query: Allows users to view and export results of queried nodes, elements & components.
  • Cut Section: Allows user to cut planar sections through a model to view results on internal details of the model.
  • Utilities: Several utilities are used for highly automated post processing of results for Design of Experiments (DOE) and optimization studies.
Contour Query
Cut Section View


  • Integrated post-processing user interface within the MeshWorks environment
  • Inclusive of Post Processing results from Abaqus & Nastran solver outputs
  • Large scale models are handled with ease
  • Multipage and multiwindow post processing of results with easy ‘cut, copy, paste, apply’ from one window/page to another
  • Automated ‘Score Card’ module helps in extracting various key results and provides in a user friendly tabular format.
  • XML based session file saving
Multi Window Post Processing

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