Customized Engineering Process Automation

  • Customer CAE processes can be rapidly automated using a fast Record > Create-GUI > Plumb > Publish process.
  • Very complicated geometry and mesh creation processes can be automated with virtually no scripting or programming expertise.
  • Processes that could be automated include a) CAD, b) Meshing, c) Model Assembly, d) Morphing, e) Parametrization, f) Postprocessing etc.
  • Significant time reduction of 2X to 10X is possible once processes are automated.
  • Published process could be shared with all users in the organization as a simple resource file – no need for any new software releases.
  • External exes and scripts (Python, Java etc.) can be integrated into the process.
  • Simple ‘drag & drop’ functionality to create GUI and plumb it to the recorded process.
  • Automatic conversion of recorded process to a data flow chart which can be plumbed to the GUI.


  • Customizable process templates.
  • Process automation possible for a wide variety of models.
  • Recording of the entire process with ‘on/off’ recording options.
  • Drag & drop GUI creation options for quick/easy function interface creation.
  • Automatic conversion of recorded processes into data flow charts.
  • Direct drag & drop options to plumb GUI to process data flow.
  • Logical operators, conditional statements, process loops etc. can be included into the process flow for decision making and directing processes accordingly.
  • Multiple process automation functions can be linked under a single GUI.
  • Process can be linked with external scripts and executables.


  • Significant time reduction in CAE processes – 2X to 10X.
  • All the pre-processing steps can be performed as integrated work flow as per user’s own ideas and requirements.
  • Even the most complicated process can be made simple with the help of process automation in MeshWorks.
  • Faster results while ensuring consistency and quality.
  • Processes can be standardized and institutionalized across the entire organization.

Typical Processes That Can Be Automated

1.CAD geometry creation & manipulation
2.Complex meshing & assembly
3.Load case set-up, results recovery & auto report
4.Automated parametrization Etc.

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