CAD Morpher is a transformational software from DEP which allows users to morph existing CAD data (body structures, powertrain and chassis parts) directly to new shapes rapidly.
For example, the complete BIW CAD data of an existing production vehicle can be morphed and made to fit a new vehicle’s styling data and/or proportions.
Several months of CAD development can be reduced using our patented CAD morphing technology.

CAD morphing can be carried out at all different stages of product development:

  • Early concept stage: Existing donor CAD data can be morphed to target new styling data and vehicle proportions
  • Vehicle architecture development: Existing BIW CAD data can be automatically updated to fit new sections as determined by architecture team
  • Vehicle optimization: Existing CAD data can be updated to match optimized results obtained by the CAE team

Morphed CAD data thus obtained can be used for studies involving packaging, formability, styling, human factors, ergonomics, CAE, supplier sourcing etc. very early on in the program.

CAD Morpher is the perfect link between the CAE teams and the design department. Optimized Finite Element and CFD data can be communicated to the design department directly as morphed CAD data.


STEP 1: Recording of CAE morphing steps
  • Entire morphing history of the CAE models are saved.
  • Appropriate sequences are remembered and saved.
  • CAE resolution modified to CAD resolution.
STEP 2: Execution of multi-step morphing history on original CAD data
  • The morphing history is applied step by step on every part of the original CAD data.
  • Morphed CAD data is evaluated for quality after each morphing step.
  • Resolution parameters are adjusted to achieve the best quality.
STEP 3: Conversion of morphed IGES DATA to native format (CATIA)
  • DEP has developed a well defined process for converting morphed surface data (in IGES format) into native format (CATIA).
  • This involves a sequential process of CATIA operations that the CAD designer will execute by using a  particular method.
  • The resulting element of  CAD geometry will be of production quality.
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