MeshWorks Morpher

“MESHWORKS MORPHER” is a path breaking software that enables the user to rapidly change an existing FE / CFD Mesh into a new target shape without having to redraw it in the CAD system. This disruptive new technology saves significant time and money for new product development. Major Automotive, Aerospace and Consumer Electronics companies are early adopters of this technology by licensing our product since 2000. The MESHWORKS MORPHER tools can be used through out the product development phase of any product:

--Early Product Development: In the case of the automotive rapid full vehicle CAE models can be generated using the Meshworks Morpher in less than 5 days. It would take the customer 8 weeks to develop a full vehicle model. Existing full vehicle models can be mapped to new vehicle styling themes in a matter of hours. Similar solutions have been used by other industries like cell phones, aerospace components and even for major changes like Airbus 380 modeling. This allows the manufacturer to rapidly predict if the proposed new styling will meet performance criteria. This methods save the manufacturer in channeling the R&D investment appropriately.

--Intermediate Product Development: Once the initial styling has been decided section changes can be morphed very easily using the parametric approach. This is called “Rapid Analytical Mule” development. Also additional variants for example sedan to a convertible can be morphed easily using this tool.

--Detailed Product Engineering: The mesh morphing tools is a major shape change enabler that helps parameterize models by providing intelligence to several design parameters. Once the intelligence is imparted, several designs can be evaluated for their performance against a particular criteria and designs can be optimized for criteria like mass, durability etc.


  • Offers both Direct and Controlled Morphing
  • Can morph precisely to target geometry
  • Preserves history of the morphing process
  • Ensures identical morphing of different kinds of models ( durability, crash, NVH etc..)
  • Unique ability to cut and swap several different finite element models
  • Feature insertion tool on shell meshes
  • Ability to handle both FE and CFD models
  • Currently has links to all major solvers like Nastran, Abaqus, LS Dyna, Fluent, SC Tetra etc. Future version will have links to Ansys, Genesis
  • Tight integration with optimizer tools like I-Sight and others