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Morphing is the focus of  DEP's way of transforming the product development phase. Morphing enabled by our proprietary software MeshWorks differentiates our product development process compared to the conventional product development process significantly saving time and expenses.

Fig1.Transformed Product Development Process

Although our morphing process began with CAE models  across disciplines like Crash, NVH and CFD.This helps drive down the product development time across product domains not necessarily limited to automotive context.

Morphing finite element models helps to quickly achieve  new product concepts from legacy model database, enable performance evaluation and decision making on product in short timeframe in a CAE driven design process methodology.

Morphing of CAE models accompanied with parameterizing models provides an invaluable advantage in optimizing systems and sub-systems in a single disciplinary, single objective atmosphere or multi disciplinary, multi objective, multi-variant atmosphere.

Please take a look at the relevant case studies for more details on morphing technology applied to different engineering disciplines.

Case studies using MeshWorks:

  • Nice Cube Morphing.
  • Chrysler Jeep Morphing.
  • Engine cooling jacket Morphing.
  • Internal flow CFD model Morphing.
  • Transmission housing.
  • Cardio Vascular Stent.
  • Knee Implant.

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